Swing Sets

Maintenance Suggestions for Your Home Swing Set

Buying and installing a swing set for home is the easy part. Since this is a major investment, you want to ensure that it is around for a long time. A good quality swing set can be the perfect backyard fixture for years to come even as the children grow into adults. This is only possible by performing simple maintenance tasks throughout the equipment’s lifespan.


The First 60 Days

If you have succeeded in buying high-quality play equipment, the first three months should be a breeze. It is important that you check and subsequently tighten loose bolts and screws, carriage bolts, lock nuts, hex bolts and nuts within the first sixty days of owning the equipment. Repeat this process at least twice annually hence forth. The recommended time frame for this is once before the start of each season and once during the season.

The First 90 days

Be sure to apply a clear sealant in the first 90 days of the installation. An oil-based sealant is most effective for penetrating lumber, although a water-based sealant also works well for states that do not allow the use of oil-based sealants. Climate conditions vary drastically from one region to the next so it may be a good idea to ask a professional what type of sealant works best for the particular environment. Talking to a representative at a home improvement center or specialty paint store, or the product’s manufacturer or seller is a great way to get this information.

Tips For the Seasons

Removing the fabric canopy or tarp during winter in areas that experience heavy rainfall protects the fabric from tearing, stretching or sagging. It is also necessary to remove swing belts as well as additional flexible playset features if living in an area that experiences extremely cold temperatures. This task helps to extend the lifespan of the aforementioned features.

Every 2-5 Years

Apply a combination of sealant and stain every two to five years depending on your area’s climate. Usage, weather and time causes the equipment’s original stain to fade. Performing this task helps to maintain the set looking new. It may be necessary to power wash and lightly sand the equipment before staining for the best result. Again, talking to a specialist about the best sealant and stain combination for your specific environment is highly recommended.

Additional Maintenance Tips

Spraying squeaking hangers with Mazola, Pam or olive oil is a great way to get rid of the noise. Avoid using petroleum based products such as motor oil or WD-40.

Apply liquid dish soap on a cotton ball and dab all the interior wooden corners of your swing set for home to repel wasps and yellow jackets. This is an effective trick that eliminates the risk of children coming into contact with harmful chemicals found in insecticides. Talk to your equipment’s manufacturer or dealer for suggestions on how you can make the swing set last longer and safer for your children.


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