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Everything You Need to Know about Wooden Play Sets before Buying One

Once you have settled on wooden playsets, narrowing down the options to the specific type of wood can prove to be a difficult process. Common wood options include cedar, redwood and yellow pine where each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Evaluating each type of wood separately is the best way to ensure that you ultimately make an informed decision.



Cedar is a fairly good choice for a wooden swing set especially if you are looking to cut on costs. Most swing sets of this type are imported from China, so guaranteeing quality may not be the easiest thing to do. It is however important to remember that cedar is naturally resistant to damage, decay and rot, so a well built swing set can last for a considerably long time. The wood thickness will determine the playset’s sturdiness and durability. Frames made from 2×4 pieces of cedar for example cannot last as long as those made from 4×4 pieces of the same wood.


Another common choice for Amish Country wooden playsets is redwood. There are different varieties of redwood, although the most commonly used species in playsets is California Redwood. Just like cedar, this type of wood is also resistant to decay, rot and damage. This is mainly because it contains tannin, which is a naturally occurring chemical that is toxic to fungi but harmless to humans.

One of the main reasons why redwood is so popular is its aesthetic appeal. Its reddish-brownish color appeals to a lot of people. In addition to this, redwood is less likely to cup, warp or crack due to its lesser tangential and volumetric shrinkage. The downside however is that the quality of redwood has seen a recent decline. New growth as well as non-center cut redwood is responsible for the wood quality decline.

Yellow Pine

Yellow pine, specifically premium preserved pine, is the best quality wood used on playsets, contrary to popular belief. Pine that has been preshrunk and preserved has a significantly minimized risk of fungal decay, cracking, wrapping and cupping. Pine is also naturally able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as hold up better to moisture compared to cedar and redwood. These factors combine give pine Amish County wooden playsets an edge in terms of quality and longevity.

Treated pine does not have to pose a health concern. Unlike in the past where trace amounts of arsenic were found in wood treatments, today’s processes do not use harmful chemicals such as arsenic. New treatments are typically environmentally friendly and rely on copper based treatments that are generally not harmful to children or humans. Although pine is the best choice for a wooden playset, it is essential that you make your purchase from a dealer who meets the aforementioned criteria. This is the only way to guarantee a quality product that is safe for your children to use.


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