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Find Out What Makes the Best Swing Set

Choosing outdoor play swing sets is no easy feat, especially considering the myriad of options available. From the cheap to the high-end equipment, it can be difficult to be certain that you are getting the right swing set for your kids. There are a couple of things that set the best swing sets apart from the mediocre.


Deck Height

One of the hallmarks of a good swing set is one that has a deck that is higher than 5 feet. Shorter decks means that your children will quickly outgrow the equipment, forcing you to replace it before you can get a good return on your investment. A good sized deck means that the kids get to grow with it, and children of different ages can all play together. These bigger decks are made to be compact so yard space is typically not an issue for the average homeowner. There are decks up to seven feet high for buyers who want to get the whole family, including teens and adults, into the action. The price difference is usually small compared to the additional flexibility to be enjoyed.


Another important hallmark of a great swing set is the price. You can definitely expect to pay more for better quality. Cheaper swing sets are generally poorly made and have equally poor warranties. Replacing a swing set every year or so can add up, making it better to simply pay a higher upfront cost. Cheaper swing sets typically have a 4 foot deck and are not useful for older children. They also break more easily because they are not constructed with solid 4×4 beams.


Because good quality outdoor play swing sets require sizeable monetary investments, a warranty is extremely important. At the very least, a two year warranty means that the manufacturer stands behind his workmanship and product. In addition to this, you will not be required to pay for repairs or replace defective equipment out of your own pocket.

Solid Swing Beams

A good swing set uses solid wood beams for the frame, and the holes drilled through the middle for stability. The thicker or larger the beam, the less likely it is to break during play and the longer it lasts. Many poorer quality swing sets use two or more 2×6 beams joined together rather than have one solid beam. Such swings also have a dramatically less weight limit which can be a problem for older kids or even adults.

Higher quality swing sets typically use 4×4 inch solid wood beams for the A-frame and frame. On the other hand, cheaper options use 2×4 inch beams. There is a real risk of the equipment toppling over if the base is not made from solid and high quality wood.

Using these criteria to find the best outdoor play swing sets for your kids is highly recommended. A good quality swing set guarantees children’s safety, and will last for many years to come.


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