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How to Keep Your Outdoor Swing Set Looking New For the Long-Term

Assuming that you got the right playset, the new installation looks good and complements the backyard. Because kids outdoor playsets are constantly exposed to the elements, they won’t always look new. Wind, snow, sun and rain weather wood in the long-term, and can seriously compromise the visual appeal and structural integrity of the equipment. With proper maintenance however, it is possible to have your backyard play equipment looking new for the long haul. This will involve staining your equipment.


When to Stain your Wooden Playset

It is likely that your equipment comes pre-stained, so there is no need to perform this task for the first two to five years. This depends on the climate in your area and how regularly the equipment is used.

Once the initial period has expired, it is recommended that kids outdoor playsets are stained at least once every one or two years. Apart from maintaining the wood’s natural beauty, staining helps to prevent cracking and checking.

The best time to stain your equipment is during the early afternoon hours. Any moisture in the environment should have dissipated by this time. It is worth noting that you should not stain your equipment in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit as this can drastically slow the drying time.

Steps to Take Before Staining

Preparation is essential before staining your wooden playset. The equipment needs to be clean and completely dry as well as free of any mildew or dirt before staining for the best result.

Hose down or power wash the set to remove dirt and debris. A deck cleaner or recommended product is sufficient for the cleaning job. Allow the wood to dry for at least 24 hours before applying the stain.

Remove any coverings and accessories that are easily detachable. This step helps to protect the parts from permanent stains.

Inspect the wood for rough areas or edges and lightly sand these areas if necessary. Look out for damaged parts and replace them as necessary and tighten any loose bolts or nuts.

Staining Your Equipment

Speak to your manufacturer about the best stain to use for the specific equipment. Using a brush as opposed to spraying is recommended as the former uses less product. One or two coats may be required depending on the type of product. Allow the equipment to dry for at least 24 hours before using it again.


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