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Accessories worth Considering for Getting the Most Out of Your Swing Set

Choosing and buying a swing set is only the first part. As the kids grow older or as their play needs change, it may be necessary to change wooden swing sets for kids. Rather than having to purchase new equipment, adding a few accessories can help meet their needs or increase safety and functionality. Below are some great accessories to consider adding onto your swing set.


Metal brackets

Metal brackets for swing sets are designed to reinforce the swing beam’s connections, thus increasing safety. The type of brackets to purchase depends on the specific kind of play equipment. A-frame brackets for example are common in playsets that include additional components such as rock walls, monkey bars and slides. Free-standing swing beam brackets on the other hand are designed to reinforce stand-alone swing sets.  These brackets should be replaced immediately if they show any sign of wear or rust.


Hangers are used to attach the swings to the support beams. There are different types of hangers including galvanized ductile, glider and swivel hangers. The hanger should correspond to the specific type of swing. Contact the swing set manufacturer if in doubt about which type of hanger you should purchase.


The primary function of a canopy on wooden swing sets for kids is to protect the children and equipment from direct sunlight.  The canopy ensures that the metal or plastic components of the swing set stay cool as well as prevent dehydration and heatstroke.


It is necessary to install a protective layer on the ground directly beneath the playset to create a soft landing area. Mulching options include shredded rubber, shredded bark, sand and wood chips. These are relatively easy and cheap to obtain and install and are highly recommended for keeping children safe during playtime.

Safety handles

Safety handles are especially great for younger children and are designed to make getting on and off the swing easier. Places to install the safety handles include near the standing, disc or glider swings. Your seller can recommend the size of the handles based on the children’s ages.

Rubber mats

Like mulching, rubber mats are designed to create a soft landing area under wooden swing sets for kids. These come in a variety of colors and designs and can be incorporated into the backyard’s layout or landscaping.  The rubber mats also prevent water from pooling around the play area particularly after heavy rains.


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